Our Partners Make it All Possible

The Santa Barbara Channel Whale Heritage Site would not be possible without the tireless efforts and contributions of the following people and organizations that have devoted their lives to the study of the ocean and the preservation of our magnificent planet.

Condor Express

Book Online at CondorExpress.com

Phone: (805) 882-0088

Santa Barbara
Maritime Museum

Visit SBMM.org

Phone: (805)962-8404

Island Packers

Visit IslandPackers.com

Phone: 805-642-1393

Ocean Futures

Visit OceanFutures.org

Phone: 805-899-8899

World Cetacean Alliance

132-134 Albion Street
Southwick, West Sussex
BN42 4DP, UK


World Animal Protection

Learn More at WorldAnimalProtection.us

Phone: (805) 882-0088

Rincon Brewery

Darn Good Beer! Learn more at RinconBrewery.com

Phone: (805) 684-6044

Toni Frohoff, Ph.D.

Ethologist & Behavioral Biologist

Learn more or contact us online at TerraMarResearch.org

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Learn More or Buy Tickets Online at SBNature.org

Santa Barbara Natural History Museum's Sea Center

Learn More at https://www.sbnature.org/visit/sea-center

Phone: (805) 882-0088

Environmental Defense Center

Learn More at EnvironmentalDefense

Phone: 805 963-1622


Ventura Land Trust

Learn More at VenturaLandTrust.org

Phone: 805-643-8044

If you are interested in helping us protect the Santa Barbara Channel and its inhabitants, contact us today to learn more about our programs and needs. We welcome your time as well as your donations and look forward to hearing from you soon.