Whale of Thanks

Thank you for all of your support in 2023, as we became the 9th whale heritage area in the world! People like yourselves inspire us to continue our mission to raise awareness about the whales of the channel, their vital significance, incredible abundance, and unique hardships. Advocating for our channel’s greatest inhabitants is no small task and would be impossible without your support. Every donation, follower, and conversation is extremely appreciated.

We appreciate your generosity in this time of holiday cheer, you can continue supporting the whales with a contribution below!

We hosted an incredible “Celebration of Whales event,” on Tuesday, November 28th. With well over 200 people in attendance, we were thrilled to share stories of the channel, new research findings, and some of the incredible stewards who have made the Santa Barbara Channel Whale Heritage Area possible. If you missed the event, or want to share it with a loved one, you can view it NOW on our YouTube channel below. 

Since our event, we have had some incredible whale sightings in the channel. Humpback whales, gray whales, and even multiple groups of killer whales have been sighted. Even though the channel is in a time of transition as whales travel to and fro, December can be a stellar time to get on the water. Follow our social media accounts as we will repost daily sightings from our local whale watching companies, to keep you up to date on whale activity in the channel. 

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